What does Oxynergy means?

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How the name OXYNERGY was derived

Oxygen (n.) 

A reactive element that is found in air, water, in most rocks and minerals, in numerous organic compounds, and as a colourless tasteless odourless diatomic gas constituting 21 percent of the atmosphere, that is capable of combining with all elements except the inert gases, that is active in physiological processes, and that is necessary for life.

Energy (adj.) 
Ability to work or produce changes. Energy exists in different forms but neither created nor destroyed; it simply converts to another form. Energy is often stored by cells in biomolecules, like carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids. The energy is released when these molecules have been oxidised during cellular respiration. The energy released from them when they are oxidised during cellular respiration is carried and transported by an energy-carrier molecule called ATP.

Synergy (n.adj.)
The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.


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