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Semi-Permanent Make up Price List

Having your face “tattooed" can be a very daunting prospect even for the brave. Some of the questions I know you've asked or should have asked yourself are: How can I ensure it will look natural, be the right shape, colour, thickness, how long will it last, what happens if it goes wrong and most importantly how do I ensure it doesn't?

Having lots of training & experience does matter and as with all things it takes time and practise to build knowledge, expertise and competence. Mary-Anne is available for enhancements but each of our technicians have been personally trained by Mary-Anne and are required to do a mandatory internship, they continue to work alongside her and have access to her expertise on a daily basis whilst with us.

“As a Master Technician and Trainer both in the UK and USA and having carried out thousands of procedures myself I personally train every technician who works with us. I feel truly fortunate to love what I do with such a passion that it doesn't feel like work, the perfect job! We are very used to our lovely clients arriving very anxious about what will happen next. “Our promise and commitment to you is to deliver your enhancement in the most pain-free, friendly and luxurious way possible, welcome you here at Pretty Permanent Make-Up.”

Semi-Permanent Tattooed Eyebrows

Eyebrows - natural looking hair stroke or Powdered (Includes Review)
3D brows: High impact block brows
Eyebrow Tails only - Hair stroke / Block (Includes Review)
Model for a Trainee (Hair stroke/powdered/Block. Single treatment only) £75
Review treatment with a Trainee (If booked at the time of first treatment) £75
EYEBROWS COLOUR BOOST (if taken within 18 months)    
Eyebrows- Hair stroke / Powdered/Block
3D brows
Eyebrow Tails

Semi-Permanent Tattooed Eyeliner

Eyeliner Top and Bottom:
Eyeliner Top Lid only
Eyeliner Lower Lid Only
Eyelash Enhancement
Mucosal (wet inner rim)
Eye Accents
Colour Boosts
Eyeliner Top and Bottom Fine/Medium
Eyeliner Top Only
Eyeliner Lower Lid only
Eyelash Enhancement
Mucosal (wet inner Rim)
Eye Accents

Semi-Permanent Tattooed Lip Enhancements

Lips - Line Definer (natural nude look)
Lips – Impact Liner (a stronger lip liner)
Lips – Blush-corrected lip line, added volume and lips blended in to natural lip vermillion
Lips – Full Tint (lipstick look, bold or natural)
Lips – Colour Boost – Full Lips
Lips – Colour Boost – Lip blush
Lips – Colour Boost – Lip Liner

Semi-Permanent Tattooed Blusher

Semi-Permanent Tattooed Blusher
Blusher – Colour Boost

Semi-Permanent Tattooed Beauty Marks

Beauty Spots - (up to 2 beauty spots)

Correction & removal. Non-Laser Method

Correction & removal:   
Prices on request consultation is required prior to a price being given. Semi-Permanent Specialised Medical Micro-Pigmentation

Specialised Medical Micro-Pigmentation

Areola and Nipple Reconstruction

Areola – Single Reconstruction
Areola – Double Reconstruction
Areola – Single Colour Enhancement
Areola – Double Colour Enhancement
Areola – Single Symmetry Correction, Contouring and Colour enhancement
Areola – Double Symmetry Correction, Contouring and Colour enhancement
Areola - Colour Boost
£350 per Areola*

Semi-Permanent Camouflage & Vitiligo

Semi-Permanent Camouflage & Vitiligo
£150 per hour
Consultation and Patch Test
£50 per hour
This consultation price is not redeemable.
Consultation and Patch Test Review -15minutes
Hair Strand Simulation - Bald or Thinning Hair Patches
£150.00 per hour
Stubble Simulation - Upper lip, Chin, Sideburns, Head
£150.00 per hour

Prices include 2 visits (excluding Budget Brows and Colour Boosts).

We offer a 10% discount on any 2 procedures performed at the same time by the same technician and 10% discounts off new eyebrow and eyeliner treatments for alopecia sufferers (excludes budget brows). 25% discount is given on new treatments for cancer patients – see criteria below.

  • All colour boost prices are only valid if taken within 18 months of the original treatment date of treatment.
  • Intern and Trainee rates are not always available.

Ever heard the old adages "Buy cheap pay twice" or "you get what you pay for" ? Read on.....

Orange or peachy coloured eyebrows, purple lips, pigment migration, agonising procedures, uneven and wrongly coloured eyebrows that don't fade, enhancements in completely the wrong position... These are just a few of the horror stories that some clients arriving newly to us ask us to correct.

It costs them so much more in the long run not just in money but in anxiety, discomfort and embarrassment. With over a decade of experience, thousands of procedures performed on very happy clients including celebrities, VIP’s, Beauty Queens, & leaders in industry. We are the name to Trust so don’t forget us, we will give you and are: Pretty Permanent Make-Up....

We never use stock before and after photos (a common practice with some technicians in this industry). We never invent testimonials - every testimonial is from an actual client, and can be verified as authentic

“Mary-Anne is an extremely talented professional lady, honestly hand on heart I would say don't bother looking anywhere else if you want the best results. Unfortunately up until recently my job involved travelling for long periods away from home and instead of being sensible and waiting till I got home to see Mary-Anne as I had before I went somewhere else to have my lip liner done OMG !!!' To start with the pain was incredible my lips had swollen to at least 3 times their size and the worse bit was the line wasn't even straight and actually ran across and above my Cupids bow. When I returned home I contacted Mary Anne and straight away she removed the crooked line applied plenty of cream to numb my pain reassured me at all times during the treatment and I truly felt no pain at all, and my lip liner looks absolutely beautiful I feel amazingly confident and that's all down to her, don't go anywhere else ladies she is so clever, very gifted and definitely knows exactly what she doing. Thank you so much Mary Anne" Lorraine Winter 2014

“I am a gazillion percent happy & so thrilled with the result! I feel like a new younger me. Thank you” Beccie Marquardt 2015

We support cancer patients in their quest to return to normal life and the charity “Look good feel better” with a 25% discount off new treatments plus a £25.00 donation going to charity (excludes budget brow).

The following criteria needs to be met:-

  • The client is to bring a medical certificate from their doctor
  • This offer is only available up to one year post Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy
  • The client must request the discount at the time of booking
  • The discount is given on the initial treatment only and is not available on colour boost, further procedures or budget brow
  • This discount is not available on already discounted treatments
  • We reserve the right to alter these terms at any time.

A £100 Deposit is required with any Semi Permanent Make-Up booking and is Non-refundable. Appointments cancelled within 7 days of the treatment date will be charged in full. : Semi-Permanent Make-up in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London. Contact Us : 01342 823431