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More About Make-up

Two Types of Make-Up

Most of us are familiar with traditional make-up that you apply in the morning and remove at night. Traditional make-up applications and removals are done daily and tend to be time consuming, so if we don’t like applying make-up and we have to, then we have a problem!

But there is another type of make-up that is becoming increasingly popular and it’s not difficult to see why. Most of us would like to cut down on the amount of time we spend in front of the mirror in the mornings, especially when we are running late!

How Much Time Do You Spend Putting on Your Make-up?

Most of us would like to come home from work and not have to spend time wiping our make-up off. We would much rather have a little more Me-Time!

Up until relatively recently the only option we have is to apply our own make-up daily.

  • Who spends hours in front of the mirror pencilling on their eyebrows daily?
  • How hard is it to make sure we end up with matching eyebrows?
  • Do we get the right shape and are we using the best colour for our skin tone?
  • Perhaps you have over-plucked your eyebrows to pieces?

Permanent Make-up

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we think Pretty Permanent Make-up has something to offer you! The best alternative to traditional make-up is called permanent or semi-permanent make-up. Semi-permanent make-up lasts from between 1-3 years depending on the skin tone and thickness of application. But what exactly is it?

How does Semi-Permanent Make-up Work?

Semi-permanent make-up application is a high-end form of cosmetic tattooing. Semi-permanent make-up is the application of coloured hypo-allergenic micro-pigments into the upper layers of the skin. The pigments are inserted into the upper layers of the skin with cosmetically graded needles.

What are the Most Popular Semi-Permanent Make-up Treatments?

Eyebrows, eyeliner and lip treatments are the most popular ones we do, but there are many applications of semi-permanent make-up including cosmetic camouflage for scar tissue, adding beauty freckles or beauty spots, assisting alopecia sufferers, replacing hair loss for cancer patients and more. Semi-permanent make-up has wide ranging beauty benefits.

Beauty Options

Nowadays you can choose if you want to put your make-up on or have semi-permanent make-up. Semi-permanent make-up will fade after several years as the upper layers of the skin wear away naturally.

Colour Boosts

Pretty Permanent Make-up offers colour boosts tops ups for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip treatments and these are usually done between 12 – 18 months after the initial treatment.

It may just be time to throw away the eye pencils and get some semi-permanent tattoo make-up!

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