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Why Choose Pretty Permanent Make-up

Why have your Semi Permanent Make up done with Mary-Anne Hunter at Pretty Permanent Make-Up?

When it comes to having your face semi permanently tattooed you need someone you can REALLY trust. Your face, your looks, your future... it makes sense to have the best. You are definitely worth it!

Mary-Anne has over 10 years experience as a Master Technician of Semi-Permanent Make-up. Having trained extensively throughout the UK and at the prestigious world mecca of cosmetic tattooing in the USA The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics she was awarded and holds the coveted Master Technician and Instructors qualification and is a world class technician.
Quality Matters at Pretty Permanent Make-up

The quality of our pigments is much higher than the norm, we do not use Iron Oxide based pigments which can leave unsightly blue, pink or peach undertones as the enhancement fades. Our pigments many of them are organic and fade true to colour.

Benefits of Semi-Permanent Make-up

  • Cosmetic tattooing is definitely the modern way to get make-up done.
  • Look good, feel better, and boost your confidence!
  • Saves time on make-up application and removal for busy ladies!
  • Smudge free sports!
  • Beautiful makeup that lasts between 2 and 5 years with no extra effort from you needed.
  • Affordable beauty that can take years off your appearance and make you look prettier!
  • Anytime Anyplace Anywhere Pretty Permanent Make-Up won’t let you down!

Semi-Permanent Make-up can save you Money in the Long Run!

Let’s take a look at some of the average prices we spend on beauty treatments – for hair cuts and nail gels for example. Take a look at the following average prices; you may be surprised what you find!

Hair Cut and Colour every 2 months £100 = Annual spend £600
Nails Gels or Acrylics every 3 weeks £25 = Annual spend £425
Semi Permanent Make-Up eyebrows Annual Colour Boost £275

Semi Permanent make up is one of the fastest growing beauty treatments in the UK!! Be beautiful the semi-permanent way!!
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