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New Even Skin Peeling Facial (1 Hour)

A state of the art micro-exfoliating treatment, which combines the effects of physical peeling with natural firming. New Even will improving skin texture, generating new skin and help remove acne scarring whilst refining pores, an excellent anti-ageing treatment.

Anubis Marine Essence Facial (1 Hour)

Anti-ageing treatment with a reaffirming-lifting effect for skin that has lost elasticity and moisture. The Marine essence facial provides increased tissue oxygenation, stimulation of collagen, increased elasticity for a remodelling and tautening effect.

Anubis Glycoviar Facial (1 Hour)

Is a perfect anti-ageing facial for dehydrated and under nourished skins. This treatment offers a full and in-depth nourishment, with an effective renovating, exfoliating action. A unique synergy of ingredients provides the oxygenating action of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) and the cellular nourishing-regenerating action from the caviar extract. Amino acids, Vitamins A, D, E & B complex will leave your skin looking radiant.

Anubis Eye Treatment (45 Minutes)

Excellent Eye Contour Treatment. An effective unique treatment with results that speak for themselves! Incorporating a special formulation & enzyme peeling to preserve the fragile beauty of your eyes, remove dark circles, puffiness and to restore collagen levels for a perfect restoration treatment.

Gold & Caviar Facial (1 Hour)

Luxury anti-ageing facial which incorporates natural treasures that penetrates deep into your skin. A combination of Gold, Diamonds, Caviar & Pearls, that leave your skin looking sensationally radiant & rejuvenated. Combining 20 active ingredients including the most purest & valued natural elements for a firming, lifting and natural look.

Oily/Acne Facial (1 Hour)

We use needle-free mesotherapy to benefit in the following way which puts ingredients such as GS Peel deep into the mesoderm using a wand that emits electric pulses. This facial will help to deal with Oily and acne prone skin by drying out the area and reducing infection.

Back Facial (1 Hour)

Bacials are a relaxing treatment which includes everything a facial does! So it includes steaming, exfoliation and moisturizing treatments to give you healthy looking skin on the back. We use the RF machine to push specialized products into the skin to deal with any problems or blemishes. It's wonderful for you if you love to go backless or wear deep cuts looking beautiful while revealing your lovely glowing back, but the fun is gone if the skin on your back is full of patches, tanned unevenly and is flawed in one way or the other.

Combined Peel (35 minutes)

Anubis Barcelona Combined Peel is peeling treatment that provides an immediate lightening and brightening effect to the skin. It combines both AHA’s and BHA to eliminate blemishes, hyperpigmentation and will improve skin texture when treating scars. Due to its antibacterial action this treatment is suitable for the majority of acne type skins.

Polyvitaminic Stem Cell (1 Hour)

The Polyvitaminic facial is a powerful new generation antioxidant treatment. It contains Pro-vitamin C to brighten the skin and balance uneven skin tone, CITROSTEM® stem cells that repair and reorganise the structure of the dermis, and Hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights to hydrate and nourish the skin at different levels. This treatment is ideal for skins that require immediate vitality, increased structure and firmness or that require a powerful antioxidant boost.

Anubis Whitening Facial (1 Hour)

Anubis Barcelona whitening facial will clarify uneven skin tone and brighten your complexion, giving you a clear and translucent skin. It effectively eliminates spots, inhibits the production of melanin and provides protection against free radicals. It will leave your skin looking fairer and radiant from the first treatment.

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