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Microblading verses Semi-Permanent Tattooing

There is a very specific technical side to both procedures this needs to be stressed. Ensuring that certain protocols are followed is vital, things such as correct implantation of pigment, understanding basic rules to follow with regard to face shape; colours and hygiene are the very minimum requirement. This is an Art form and the artistic ability of the technician coupled with technical expertise is required for both procedures.

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What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a method that implants pigment into the Dermis using a specially designed tiny blades which leaves thin realistic hair strokes for an extremely natural finish.

This method is best for a natural light finish. Sparse or missing brows can be completely restored.

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What is Derma Roller?

Derma Rolling is a perfectly safe anti-ageing facial treatment, that helps to reduce and sometimes eradicates altogether wrinkles and fine facial and neck lines. Derma Rolling is done by a professional technician using a small roller covered in very fine needles that vary in length. Good quality topical anaesthetics are applied before the procedure to keep the client comfortable throughout and at Pretty Permanent depending on what the clients skin needs dictate, various preparations and nutrients are trans-dermed into the skin post procedure to assist with rejuvenation and repair.

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Why have your Semi Permanent Make up done with Mary-Anne Hunter

When it comes to having your face semi permanently tattooed you need someone you can REALLY trust. Your face, your looks, your future... it makes sense to have the best. You are definitely worth it!

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10 Great Benefits of Semi-Permanent Make-up:

1. Semi-permanent treatments help to frame your face and often take years off!
2. Gives a more confident look.
3. Stays on all day and all night.

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More About Make-up

Two Types of Make-Up: Most of us are familiar with traditional make-up that you apply in the morning and remove at night. Traditional make-up applications and removals are done daily and tend to be time consuming, so if we don’t like applying make-up and we have to, then we have a problem!

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