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10 Great Benefits of Semi-Permanent Make-up:

  1. Semi-permanent treatments help to frame your face and often take years off!

  2. Gives a more confident look.

  3. Stays on all day and all night.

  4. Saves you time in the morning for make-up application and at night there is less removal.

  5. Usually lasts between 2-3 years.

  6. Saves money on make-up purchases.

  7. Allows you to enjoy smudge-free sports.

  8. Look great before, during and after gym work-outs!

  9. Fills in your eyebrows for a more complete look.

  10. Reduces wear on your skin as there is less removal of make-up. : Semi-Permanent Make-up in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London. Contact Us : 01342 823431