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It’s time to put the record straight with a resounding YES – permanent makeup is just as much for men as it is for women! Male grooming has grown exponentially over the last few years and our male counterparts are taking great pride in their appearance. Like us, they have their own hangups and insecurities, so why wouldn’t – or shouldn’t they – deserve the same opportunities to improve their features as women do? The fact that the word ‘makeup’ is so associated heavily with women can deter some men from even considering permanent makeup as a viable way to address their issues. However, as with the permanent eyebrow, eyeliner and lip treatments Pretty Permanent Artists perform every day, we’re seeing more and more men take advantage and walk through our salon doors asking for this treatment.

Ok, so they’re not asking for brightly coloured lips or a vibrant winged eyeliner, they’re turning to permanent makeup and the skills of our  team for natural looking results that either enhance or correct their features.

 At Pretty Permanent  we use our expert skills and special considerations throughout the procedure to ensure the desired results are achieved. For example, during an eyebrow treatment they will consider the different texture of the skin (which is often tougher for males) and the shape, look and flow of hair strokes. The shape needs to be thicker and less defined and the hair strokes are made to look coarser. This is to replicate a more naturally masculine look, which is completely different from the delicate strokes which would most likely be used for a female brow.

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What does Oxynergy means?

op logo 16

How the name OXYNERGY was derived

Oxygen (n.) 

A reactive element that is found in air, water, in most rocks and minerals, in numerous organic compounds, and as a colourless tasteless odourless diatomic gas constituting 21 percent of the atmosphere, that is capable of combining with all elements except the inert gases, that is active in physiological processes, and that is necessary for life.

Energy (adj.) 
Ability to work or produce changes. Energy exists in different forms but neither created nor destroyed; it simply converts to another form. Energy is often stored by cells in biomolecules, like carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids. The energy is released when these molecules have been oxidised during cellular respiration. The energy released from them when they are oxidised during cellular respiration is carried and transported by an energy-carrier molecule called ATP.

Synergy (n.adj.)
The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.


The future of skincare is based on science with immediate and long lasting results. Oxynergy Paris unique formulas target specific skin concerns and two essential processes of life: the Krebs Cycle and the Stem Cells. Everlasting Cellular Energy starts here!

Oxynergy Paris, offers bespoke, personalised professional treatments. Why? Because each person is unique, therefore each treatment must be customised in order to provide the best results. A personalised serum can be created and penetrated into the deeper layers of the epidermis by a continuous or pulsed flow of purified air.


The skin care you deserve… Haute Couture, personalised, interactive and surprisingly affordable!

op logo 16

Oxynergy Paris offers a clinical and pioneering approach to skincare

Haute Couture, personalised, interactive and

surprisingly affordable!

If you wondered where the name Oxynergy came from, it’s simply Oxygen, Energy, and the Synergy of the two working together to create healthy skin!

Oxynergy Paris is a new generation of skincare, unique in its ability to encapsulate the essence of beauty.

Enticing from the moment it is first seen, their innovative approach offers not only the most advanced scientific ingredients across the range, but beautiful textures, scents, playful and interactive products and luxurious packaging, because science can be fashionable, beautiful and affordable!

Oxynergy Paris understands exactly what a woman needs, products that not only make her look beautiful, but actually smell and feel beautiful too.

The Science

Impressive clinical data, and unique formulas. Anyone suffering from reactive or sensitive skin will be happy to know that Oxynergy Paris have developed a range of powders offering the most purest ingredients, and with an established track record of supplying dermatologists in over 43 countries you can be safe in the knowledge that this range will also accommodate your specific needs.

Ingredients such as: Juveleven DNA, Dermaxyl, Neodermyl, growth factors, collagen boosting peptides, crossed linked hyaluronic acid, and various molecular weight hyaluronic acid provide impressive rejuvenation results.

Their core blend of active ingredients maintains cellular energy and boosts oxygen consumption. It activates stem cells to stimulate cellular renewal resulting in healthy skin full of vitality. This exclusive blend of peptides, aminoacids, proteins and essential minerals provides everlasting cellular energy.

Tempting Your Senses

Oxynergy Paris cleverly assigned a Swiss fragrance house to create scents so delicate and satisfying that it’s very easy to be transported away for a moment to a place of happiness. If you like Christian Dior and Prada you will find many of the products enticing.

Textures that feel like silk, melt in to the skin, rich and nourishing, unlike anything you have ever touched before.  It’s clear to see that Oxynergy Paris have spent nearly as much time creating enjoyable textures as developing the science behind the brand, and this is one of the reasons the products are so unique. There is a real urge to want to try the whole range and cleansing time has never been so enjoyable.

We all know that after using the same products for cleansing each day, it becomes a little repetitive as the initial enjoyment subsides. Fear not, someone at Oxynergy Paris came up with the clever idea of interactive products where you can mix any of the powders together for different textures and results, apply the gel over the oil to make a cleansing cream and there is a range of 11 serums that interact with each other, and they can be mixed to create a personalised serum or cream.

Personalised Skincare

With impressive off the shelf prepared serums and creams, you would wonder how Oxynergy Paris could make the range even better!  After all, the creams contain the most advanced ingredients and soft focus technology to instantly eradicate fine lines from the naked eye.

The addition of the MY line is without doubt the most fascinating side to Oxynergy Paris skincare, and instantly arouses curiosity. Understanding that the future of skincare is personalisation, Oxynergy Paris have created a modern, easy to use App. 8 simple steps and a personalised prescription is displayed (MY Serum). The prescription is blended by an Oxynergy Paris specialist and can be used topically under an Oxynergy Paris face cream, and can be mixed with the MY Cream or MY Cream Rich. It will suit the skin perfectly, correct imperfections and most importantly meet expectation. The MY” Cream can be applied to eyes, face and neck, and can be used as a day and night cream. There is no need for different creams as the MY cream will treat multiple skin concerns at once.

PI my cream 2Everlasting

The MY line incorporates MY, SERUM, MY CREAM and MY MASK.

Get your recipe with us!

01342 823431

A whole new world… specially made for you!

op logo 16

Bespoke solutions for all your skin problems are now available!!!

Be your own personal chemist and create your own skincare with: MY SERUM, MY CREAM, and MY MASK

Oxynergy Paris is a state of the art skincare range, with innovative and interactive ingredients allowing you to create unique products and blend bespoke formulas making it unique and personal to you.   Your personal skincare wardrobe, designed and ready to wear.


Come for a consultation and and discover YOUR beauty miracle!

01342 823431

Eyebrow tattoo tips for you!

We have decided to put on here some important tips on your semi-permanent makeup so everyone can have a look at what not to do.

So in order to get the best out of your treatment follow these Semi permanent make up tips:

  • Do not take Vitamin B12 as this interferes with anaesthetic and you will not numb.(please be wary of multi vitamin as quite often they contain B12
  • Any slimming mixtures as theses interfere with the anaesthetic and you will not numb.
  • Any diet pills as theses interfere with the anaesthetic and you will not numb.
  • Any caffeine drinks (this really only matters on the day of the treatments) as theses interfere with the anaesthetic and you will not numb.
  • Omegas 3.6,9 (this also includes fish ) as this thins the blood and the pigment will bleed out, it also cause swelling and bruising.
  • Aspirin and ibuprofen as this thins the blood and the pigment will bleed out, it also cause swelling and bruising. you Can take codeine or paracetamol AN HOUR BEFORE your treatment.
  • If you are having eyeliner and have sensitive eyes you CAN take an antihistamine.
  • Do not wear your contact lenses if you are having eyeliner .
  • Do not take any natural anti depressants as this thins the blood and the pigment will bleed out, it can also cause swelling and bruising.
  • If you suffer from coldsores can can take an amino acid called lysine that will help prevent you getting after having semi permanent make up on the lips.
  • Do not Smoke on the morning of your treatment as this may cause the pigment to bleed out, it also cause swelling and bruising.
  • If you are having eyeliner do not smoke in an enclosed space as the toxins from cigarettes can cause any eye infection, avoid being in an enclosed space with other smokers as the toxins from cigarettes can cause any eye infection.
  • Do NOT stop taking a prescribed medication with our consulting your g.p always disclose what medication you are on with your therapist at the consultation before you semi permanent make up treatment.

eyebrows 123 Rakki Ricketts afterpretty

This Muslim Blogger Makes An Important Statement About Beauty

This Muslim Blogger Makes An Important Statement About Beauty

The following is an interview with Nura Afia, a 22-year-old beauty vlogger, mother, and wife. She has been making beauty videos on YouTube for five years and has over 200K followers. As told to Mi-Anne Chan.

“I started watching YouTube videos when I was at home breast-feeding after I had just had my daughter, Laila, to pass the time. There [weren’t many] Muslim hijabi YouTubers [back then]. I wanted to make videos because I felt like there might be other girls like me out there. I wanted to show people that I can still be married and a mom and do whatever the hell I want — [my scarf] isn’t going to stop me.

muslim girl 2

“[Personally], it’s always been a struggle [wearing my scarf], and I’ve always felt like I had to prove something to the world. Growing up, I [always felt] like everyone would look down on me just because I wear a hijab. They think I’m just going to get married and have kids and that I can’t be good at something.”


Family Support
“My husband was all for [starting my YouTube]. He’s a pretty easy-going person and he didn’t really know what that meant. [But] I hid it from my parents for a while because they are more conservative. I got yelled at for wearing makeup at my wedding by my dad. I eventually told [my parents about the videos] and they were all for it! I mean, it still freaks my mom out. My mom is very private — she goes off and on about it.

“My grandparents [however], aren’t Muslim; my grandpa is Christian-Lebanese, and my grandma is Swiss-German, so growing up we always celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving with them. I was born and raised Muslim. Growing up and wearing the scarf was really hard and it still is, [especially] with my grandma.

“She’s always made comments here and there. Once I remember [my younger sister] wore a scarf and we went over to my grandmother’s house, and she said, ‘I’m not going to hug you with that on.’ But [now] she’s impressed at how I’ve been able to make a business [for myself]. Because I think she really felt like I couldn’t do anything because I wear a scarf. She really thinks it holds me back.”

muslim girl

Dealing With The Harsh Criticism
“In the beginning, the community [on YouTube] was very negative. [An agency once told me] that I couldn’t be booked because of my faith and because I wear a scarf. People [also] told me I wasn’t supposed to put myself out there because [of my faith]. Women aren’t supposed to put themselves out there or else you’re labeled as ‘easy’ or kind of slutty. I never get personal attacks from people that aren’t Muslim. I was shocked, then I understood why people within our faith decide to take off their scarves — because women who wear scarves in Muslim communities are always doubly judged.

“If you go to a Muslim girl’s channel who isn’t wearing a scarf, people don’t comment on how she dresses as much. [But] they expect us to be perfect. They comment about every little thing. Like if I’m showing a little too much wrist… It’s terrible.

“[I’m not going to take my scarf off because] I started my whole YouTube [career] with it on and I want to be strong for other younger girls [like me]. And for my daughter’s sake; I don’t want to be flip-flopping in front of her. Sometimes I’ll wear a beanie out and Laila will [ask], ‘Where’s your scarf, Mama?'”


Clearing Up Misconceptions
“People think that we don’t dye our hair or cut our hair because we wear scarves, but everyone does! Just this year I went to platinum blond and I’m naturally a brunette. The salons I’ve been to have a little room in the back or a border that they put around me. It’s hard to find a salon that can accommodate that, but they are around. I just call [the salons] myself. I’ve never gotten anyone to say that they can’t do it.

“People also think I don’t self-tan. I did a video once and [one commenter said], ‘Why are you going to put self-tanner on if people don’t see your body?’ Because, ultimately, a hijab is to hide your beauty for your husband — saving it for one person. [But] I want to look good and curl my hair! I bought a curling iron recently, and the lady [at the register] looked at me weird, and I wonder if it’s because she was wondering what I was going to do with it. The makeup is just a big form of expression on the outside. We do it all and we’re literally the same people!”


Wearing Makeup With A Hijab
“I like to [coordinate my makeup with my hijab]. I love different tones of brown with like a blue scarf and I love burnt reds and oranges with brown scarves and I love the cooler tones with gray [scarves], because they really stand out. And I feel like, depending on how I wear my scarf, I have to bring my blush a little further and make it a little more pronounced than anyone normally would, because my scarf will sometimes cover half [of my blush].

“I never want to be seen as intimidating just because I wear a scarf because I know it is [intimidating] to a lot of Americans who maybe haven’t had a Muslim friend before. I try to wear color but [I] love black scarves so much because it goes with everything!”

Creating A Positive Community
“Islam is such beautiful religion. It’s peaceful and everyone else twists it, even within our own faith. Just from looking at social media, [I see] Muslims bash Muslims, so if that’s happening I can’t believe that we expect non-Muslims not to do the same. It’s just how humans are, I guess. It has nothing to do with religion.

“A lot of people say that I shouldn’t wear makeup because beautifying yourself is kind of the opposite of covering yourself [with a hijab]. But that’s what helps me. It has helped me feel confident in wearing a hijab and I feel like if it has helped me it will help other people, [too]. It’s my way of expressing [myself].

“I hope ultimately that younger Muslim girls will see that they can still do what they want no matter what and I hope that people who aren’t Muslim can see that I’m just like them. The only difference is that I wear a scarf.”


FILLERS? We have many clients who, once have had their Lip Blush with us, find they NO LONGER NEED to have fillers!
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Sam Annette Lips After

It’s not just about the big day, it’s the honeymoon too!

We all want to look perfect on our big day! But what about afterwards when you’re stretched out on that beach in a bikini on your honeymoon with your newlywed husband?

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Your eyeliner doesn’t need to cry for help as it’s smudging around your eyes when you’re in the sea. You don’t need to worry you’ll sweat through those perfectly shaped and coloured eyebrows in the heat, or that after one too many (Or not enough in my opinion) kisses your lipstick is smeared over not only your lips and face but his too!

We are conquering the troubles women have with makeup once and for all!

Semi-Permanent Makeup WON’T let you down!

New Year, New Start!

Have you made any resolutions this year?
Did any of them include health or beauty? Well this year whilst you’re working off those Christmas and New Year celebrations at the gym or getting ready for an important meeting, don’t worry you’re going to sweat off your eyebrows, smudge your eyeliner or smear your lipstick!

Semi-permanent makeup means you look your best 24/7. Early start taking the kids to school? In a hurry getting to work? Eyes too blind to put on straight eyeliner? Worry no more, Semi-permanent makeup gives you more time in the morning, the afternoon and evening… all that time trying to get perfectly shaped eyebrows, smudge-free eyeliner and fade free lipstick with ordinary makeup will never be a worry again.

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