The skin care you deserve… Haute Couture, personalised, interactive and surprisingly affordable!

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Oxynergy Paris offers a clinical and pioneering approach to skincare

Haute Couture, personalised, interactive and

surprisingly affordable!

If you wondered where the name Oxynergy came from, it’s simply Oxygen, Energy, and the Synergy of the two working together to create healthy skin!

Oxynergy Paris is a new generation of skincare, unique in its ability to encapsulate the essence of beauty.

Enticing from the moment it is first seen, their innovative approach offers not only the most advanced scientific ingredients across the range, but beautiful textures, scents, playful and interactive products and luxurious packaging, because science can be fashionable, beautiful and affordable!

Oxynergy Paris understands exactly what a woman needs, products that not only make her look beautiful, but actually smell and feel beautiful too.

The Science

Impressive clinical data, and unique formulas. Anyone suffering from reactive or sensitive skin will be happy to know that Oxynergy Paris have developed a range of powders offering the most purest ingredients, and with an established track record of supplying dermatologists in over 43 countries you can be safe in the knowledge that this range will also accommodate your specific needs.

Ingredients such as: Juveleven DNA, Dermaxyl, Neodermyl, growth factors, collagen boosting peptides, crossed linked hyaluronic acid, and various molecular weight hyaluronic acid provide impressive rejuvenation results.

Their core blend of active ingredients maintains cellular energy and boosts oxygen consumption. It activates stem cells to stimulate cellular renewal resulting in healthy skin full of vitality. This exclusive blend of peptides, aminoacids, proteins and essential minerals provides everlasting cellular energy.

Tempting Your Senses

Oxynergy Paris cleverly assigned a Swiss fragrance house to create scents so delicate and satisfying that it’s very easy to be transported away for a moment to a place of happiness. If you like Christian Dior and Prada you will find many of the products enticing.

Textures that feel like silk, melt in to the skin, rich and nourishing, unlike anything you have ever touched before.  It’s clear to see that Oxynergy Paris have spent nearly as much time creating enjoyable textures as developing the science behind the brand, and this is one of the reasons the products are so unique. There is a real urge to want to try the whole range and cleansing time has never been so enjoyable.

We all know that after using the same products for cleansing each day, it becomes a little repetitive as the initial enjoyment subsides. Fear not, someone at Oxynergy Paris came up with the clever idea of interactive products where you can mix any of the powders together for different textures and results, apply the gel over the oil to make a cleansing cream and there is a range of 11 serums that interact with each other, and they can be mixed to create a personalised serum or cream.

Personalised Skincare

With impressive off the shelf prepared serums and creams, you would wonder how Oxynergy Paris could make the range even better!  After all, the creams contain the most advanced ingredients and soft focus technology to instantly eradicate fine lines from the naked eye.

The addition of the MY line is without doubt the most fascinating side to Oxynergy Paris skincare, and instantly arouses curiosity. Understanding that the future of skincare is personalisation, Oxynergy Paris have created a modern, easy to use App. 8 simple steps and a personalised prescription is displayed (MY Serum). The prescription is blended by an Oxynergy Paris specialist and can be used topically under an Oxynergy Paris face cream, and can be mixed with the MY Cream or MY Cream Rich. It will suit the skin perfectly, correct imperfections and most importantly meet expectation. The MY” Cream can be applied to eyes, face and neck, and can be used as a day and night cream. There is no need for different creams as the MY cream will treat multiple skin concerns at once.

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The MY line incorporates MY, SERUM, MY CREAM and MY MASK.

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